The Center was established in 2013 at the School of Law, University College Lahore. The Centre creates a platform for promotion of human rights and due process with a focus on Pakistan. Core aims of the center include:


  • Creating awareness on human right violations and protections in Pakistan through promotion of research
  • Developing human rights laws and policies through strategic advocacy
  • Strengthening legal education and rule of law in Pakistan
  • Promoting equality & non-discrimination in Pakistan


The Centre has worked extensively on the effects of the post 9/11 world on human rights in Pakistan. Anti-terrorism and fair trial violations engulfed the human rights regime in Pakistan between 2010-2016.  The Center has developed several journals with specific anti-terrorism issues, hosted trainings and seminars on fair trial violations in Pakistan and raised awareness through moot court competitions as well. The Center is currently involved in preliminary research and assessment of counter-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering laws in Pakistan.


The Center has partnered with local and international institutions like the American Bar Association – Rule of Law Initiative, UNDP (Lahore), Musawi and Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law. The Center continues to work with both local and international partners to promote human rights and refine legal education in Pakistan. The center hopes to develop long-term relationships with non-governmental organizations and law schools to help implement clinical education and related work.